It’s important to understand which risk factors affect you and what actions you can take to reduce your overall risk of developing heart disease. Select “yes" or "no" to answer the questions in our quiz below to determine your risk level. 

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You selected "No" more than you selected "Yes." This means you are not at risk.

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You are at risk. For each risk factor you answer “yes” to, your overall risk of developing heart disease skyrockets.3 The risk factors don't add their potential danger like one plus one equals two. Instead, the risk level is multiplied. For instance, if you have three risk factors you are TEN times more likely to develop heart disease. 

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Multiplier Effect: Risk factors for heart disease3,4:

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If You're at Risk

For risk factors you can control, it’s important that you take action to minimize those risks. If you have risk factors you cannot control, then it’s even more important for you to take charge of your controllable risk factors to improve your heart health.

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