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Think Again: Are You at a Greater Risk for Heart Disease?

Although it is well known that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability among all Americans,1 there is still a misconception that it primarily affects older, White men. 

Think Again: The Facts

The truth is, women and racial/ethnic minorities are at a greater risk for developing heart-related conditions. Additionally, those with cardiovascular disease suffer higher mortality rates, are often diagnosed at later stages, and are less likely to receive guideline-recommended therapy, even when they are insured and have adequate income.

So, what can you do about it? Start by getting to know the facts affecting you:

Think Again: Risk Factors & Prevention

Once you know the facts, do something to reduce your risk for developing heart disease. Here's what you can do:

  1. Learn about risk factors - Understand the risk factors for heart disease you can and can't control.
  2. Assess your risk - Find out what's putting you at risk.
  3. Reduce your risk - Learn how to take control of lifestyle factors that contribute to heart disease.
  4. Talk to your doctor - Talk to your doctor about your risk factors; ask pointed questions and be honest about your risk factors to develop a plan to reduce your overall risk.

Think Again: Healthcare Professional Peer-to-Peer Education

One of the ways to ensure equitable cardiovascular therapy is to share important statistics and access-to-care data with physicians. Close the Gap is committed to changing outcomes and supports the sharing of proven best practices by healthcare professionals to assist healthcare professionals focused on providing guideline-recommended treatment. 

Through toolkits and other resources, we are encouraging physicians and care teams to "think again" about diagnosis, treatment and preventative care in order to:

  • Increase adherence to evidence-based cardiac care clinical guidelines, and
  • Reduce gender and ethnic/racial disparities in cardiovascular health outcomes

If your doctor has questions, send them our way! Together, we can "Close the Gap" to reduce cardiovascular care disparities.

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This information is not a substitute for medical care. Please consult a doctor or health care provider.

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